5 Essential Services You’ll Find at Your Local Cadillac Dealership

If you own an exceptional Cadillac vehicle, servicing it should be a priority. Your service requirements should measure up to the car’s impeccable standards. Dealerships offer routine maintenance as well as major repairs. Having your Cadillac serviced at an exceptional dealership is the best move as your vehicle is diagnosed and fixed by highly trained technicians with meticulous skills. Here are some essential services you’ll find at your local Cadillac dealership.

1. Oil Change

Your Cadillac must undergo maintenance, which includes an oil change. Oil changes ensure your car runs properly. Over time, dirt builds up in your car’s engine, thus keeping it from running efficiently. Apart from keeping your engine clean, regular oil changes give the engine a longer life, thus adding to your Cadillac longevity. Changing your car’s oil also helps protect other engine parts and gives you the advantage of better gas mileage.

2. Multi-Point Inspection

Your vehicle will undergo an evaluation from a qualified technician at your local dealership to ensure all the vehicle parts are in tip-top shape. This inspection includes a review of the tires to check for wear or pressure, an air filter check, an assessment of battery health, examining the steering components, brake fluid level check, and a thorough inspection of the car’s shocks and belts. The highly trained and meticulous technicians will evaluate your vehicle down to the finer details.

3. Replacement of Faulty Car Parts

The good thing about taking your vehicle for maintenance at your local dealership is the assurance of top-notch quality services. In case your vehicle needs replacement of some faulty parts, the dealership has genuine parts available for the unique vehicle. This high-level car needs original equipment manufacturer parts to operate at its optimal. Aftermarket parts, though cheaper, will diminish the Cadillac’s value. Good dealerships stock genuine oil filters, wiper blades, spark plugs, and other high-quality auto parts.

4. Tire Replacements

Should you need new tires, you should get them at your local dealership. You will know when your vehicle’s tires need to be replaced anytime you observe the car’s wear bars or noises from the tread wear indicators. Also, any time you notice fabric, bulges, and splits showing through the tire rubbers, then it’s time to get them replaced to get your car back in tip-top shape. Worn out tires are dangerous as they can easily burst, bringing about fatalities.

5. Brake Services

Your vehicle’s brakes need replacement before they wear out. In case you hear a squealing noise coming from the car’s wear indicators, then it’s time to get your brakes replaced. The highly qualified technicians at your local dealership will assess your brake pads to determine how worn out they are. In case the brake pads are 2 millimeters thick, the technicians will expertly replace them.

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