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5 Places to Find the Best Burgers in Lafayette, LA

Nothing hits the spot quite the same way that a good burger does. Some like theirs plain and simple with just meat on a bun; others like to deck out with all sorts of toppings and condiments. People in Lafayette, LA love their burgers. But what spots are serving up the best burgers in the area? Take a look at our picks below to see some of our favorite spots.

1. Judice Inn

Opened way back in 1947, the Judice Inn has grown up with our town and has become a local favorite. You can get a burger, cheeseburger, or a double of either one. Every sandwich comes topped with their signature Judice sauce, lettuce, a mixture of mayo and mustard, and a slice of onion on the side. For a small extra charge, you can also get grilled onions or an egg to build your burger your way.

2. Gary’s Breakfast-Burgers and Plate Lunches

Gary’s claims to be the place where hunger goes to die. Our hunger sure didn’t make it out of this place in one piece. Who says you need to wait for lunch or dinner to enjoy a burger anyway? Gary’s serves their signature ‘Big G’ burger from bright and early right up until their closing time just after lunch. The grilled onions that top this delicious burger give a zesty flavor to each bite.

3. The Ground Pat’i

A welcoming atmosphere greeted us as soon as we came in to The Ground Pat’i, and the great service didn’t stop there. Their signature burger comes cooked to your liking with a generous helping of fries on the side. You can get grated cheddar on top of the patty if you request it. Their jalapeno and cheese poppers make the perfect spicy warm-up for your tastebuds before you get into your burger.

4. Twins Burgers and Sweets

Twins was opened by a pair of burger-loving twins. If you’re a twin yourself, bring your twin along with you and join their Twin Club, which will give you special rewards just for being a twin! Their unique burgers make this place worth checking out for us non-twins too, though. Our recommendation goes to the ‘Evil Twin’ burger, topped with jalapeno-grilled onions, bacon, cajun mayo, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

5. Broaddus Burgers

Conveniently located just off of Kaliste Saloom Road, Broaddus Burgers is another top choice when you’re hungry in our town. Their aim is to let you build your burger your way, with your choice of patty, toppings, and what type of bun to put it all on. If you don’t feel like making those tough choices, though, their signature burgers aren’t half bad either. Whatever sandwich you go for, the fully-loaded fries make the perfect side to any burger.

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