2020 Cadillac CT6-V in black

Enjoy Performance and Luxury With the 2020 Cadillac CT6-V

When you think of luxury vehicles, the first name likely to come to mind is Cadillac. For decades Cadillac has created cars for their lineup that provide drivers with comfort and luxury that they have rarely ever experienced. And staying true to form, one of the newest vehicles in their 2020 lineup, the Cadillac CT6-V, continues on with that tradition. Check out some of the luxury and performance features of the CT6-VB that make it one of the top picks for new buyers. 

Power to Help You Command the Road

The new 2020 Cadillac CT6-V has the power you need, no matter where the road may take you. Under the hood is a 4.2-liter Blackwing Twin Turbo V8 engine that outputs up to 550 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque. With that much power, you can go from 0 to 60 in just 3.8 seconds. The engine features a 10-speed transmission that allows for precise and quick shifting as the vehicle interprets the driving conditions on the road.

Bembo brakes and magnetic ride control allow for a smooth ride. The system allows the vehicle to make adjustments to the vertical suspension dampening immediately to provide you with ultimate maneuverability. 

Both Comfort and Convenience in the Cabin

The interior of the CT6-V is as equally impressive and commanding as its exterior. The driver and passengers will enjoy the comfortable and plush leather seats as well as the carbon fiber accents throughout the cabin that provide it with a stylish finish from bumper to bumper. 

The interior is not only comfortable but designed with convenience in mind. The infotainment system helps to keep you connected with your phone and smart devices, allowing you access to your contacts, music, and navigation. Your dashboard performance gauges can help you to stay on top of your vehicle’s needs in a display that will make you feel like you have just stepped into a race car. 

Select driving modes will help your vehicle navigate the various road conditions it may encounter, improving handling and stability. Simply switch to tour mode when you are cruising long roadways, sport mode when you need a little more speed and precise handling, snow when the weather outside begins to make surfaces slippery, and track when you expect consistency on the roadway. 

A Sleek and Sophisticated Exterior

As with all Cadillacs, the CT6-V was designed to turn heads. It features an aggressive design, including a mesh sport grille. You will also notice a number of iconic Cadillac details throughout the exterior, including vertical lighting and a sleek tapered hood design. When you opt for the V series, you will see your exterior adorned with Cadillac’s trademark V badge, marking it as one of the most advanced vehicles on the road. The look of the CT6-V is finished off with 5-spoke alloy wheels that are not only aesthetically pleasing but improve the vehicle’s performance as well. 

Want to check out the luxury features of the new 2020 Cadillac CT6 -V for yourself? Stop into the dealership and take one out for a test drive today. 

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