5 Fantastic Parks and Trails in and Around Lafayette, LA

The hiking is a gratifying experience. Taking a leisure walk in nature is calming and conveys benefits that exceed what you acquire from everyday exercises. This workout helps to sharpen your mind, improve your creativity, and make for happier relationships. Whether you cherish taking a leisure stroll or are up for a more challenging hike, Louisiana got you covered. Below are some of the most popular parks and trails in and around Lafayette.

1. Acadiana Park Nature Station

If you reside in this southern Louisiana city, you are only a few minutes away from Acadiana Park Nature Station. This 2.9 kilometers lightly trafficked trail is a fantastic place to take a peaceful walk as you relish the wildlife. For the novice hiker, you can stick to the boardwalks that take you through the hardwood forest. There are guided tours with passionate naturalists who will explain the various animals and exotic plants along the way.

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a hand holding a soapy sponge washing a black car

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s Paint Job

With any car, you’ll want to keep it looking like the day you drove it off the lot. One way to do that is by maintaining the paint job. Here are six tips to keeping your vehicle’s paint in tip-top shape.

Know How to Wash Your Car

The most important thing you can do to maintain your car’s paint job is to properly wash your car and do so regularly. When washing your car, maintain a safe distance between the water nozzle and your vehicle because water pressure that is too strong may damage the paint itself. Wash your car from the top down, apply soapy water in sections, scrub with a non-abrasive mitt, then gently rinse. Repeat this process until your car is clean, then dry with a microfiber towel.

Wax Your Car

As part of your car washing process, make sure to wax your vehicle at the end. Waxing both protects your car and allows it to shine after a quality wash job. You may be tempted to use a polish instead, but many polishing products actually contain abrasives that can cause harm to your paint.

Protect Your Car From the Sun

The sun’s rays can fade your vehicle’s paint, making it less likely to shine. You probably won’t be able to correct fading by washing or waxing either. Of course, driving in the sun generally cannot be avoided, but you can be strategic when parking your vehicle either at home or when you’re out for the day. Try to park in your home garage if you have one, or at least under some shade, like a carport. When out on the town, use parking garages instead of open lot or street parking.

Safely Remove Bird Droppings

Unless you always keep your car in the garage or under a tarp, it’s inevitable that it will eventually be the recipient of bird droppings or bug splatterings. Some bugs are rampant in the spring and summer months and slowly chip away at your paint if you don’t wash them off regularly. It’s the same with tree sap — if you don’t take the time to remove it soon, you may end up with paint damage.

To take care of these environmental obstacles to a clean paint job, consider using a waterless wash or purchasing a quick detail spray. To use, spray over the covered spot and then wipe clean with a microfiber towel. React fast and wipe gently, and your paint will be none the wiser.

Immediately Fix Scratches

To maintain your car’s paint job, you should also fix scratches as soon as you notice them. You can fix a superficial scratch with touch up paint or a scratch repair pen. Deeper scratches can either be addressed at a professional paint shop or you may be able to take care of this yourself by sanding around the scratch, using a primer, and then repainting. 

Following the tips on this list should keep your car looking brand new so you can enjoy the look of it for many years to come.

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Rain drops on a window with trees in the background

5 Things to Do Around Lafayette on a Rainy Day

There are plenty of brilliantly sunny days in Lafayette, but we also have our fair share of rainy ones too. When those days hit, there is no need to cancel your day out. Instead, try one of these rainy day activities.

Go on a Cajun Food Tour

A major part of the city of Lafayette is the food, and there is no shortage of it on the Official Cajun Food Tour. Even if you are a Lafayette restaurant connoisseur, you’ll still love taking the 14-seat bus around the city and trying traditional Cajun dishes at five of the city’s favorites. What’s fun about this tour is that it’s not only about the food, you’ll also spend three to four hours hearing about the history of the city.

Admire the Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is a sight to see, no matter your religious preference. Here you’ll find intricate stained glass and beautiful Italian marble inside and an above-ground cemetery and exquisite oak trees outside. This cathedral has a history that’s just as interesting as our city. Learn more on one of the audio tours available in English, Spanish, and French.

Visit the Children’s Museum

It’s easy for children to feel cooped up in the house on a rainy day, so consider visiting the Children’s Museum of Acadiana. The exhibits at this museum are hands-on with a strong emphasis on learning through participation. Children will love exploring HAPPY PAWS Hospital, a play veterinary clinic where they can learn more about animals and take care of those admitted. Another favorite exhibit is the Bubble Factory where kids can create different bubbles and then experience what it’s like to stand inside one. This is a spot that kids and adults will enjoy.

Star Gaze at the Planetarium

If you’re disappointed that it’s raining, visit the Lafayette Science Museum, a combination museum and planetarium where there’s nothing but clear skies in the forecast. On the museum side, discover more about meteorites, the speed of light, and different spacecraft, then visit the planetarium to learn what it takes to be an astronaut and the story of some of our solar system’s stars. The planetarium has both live and recorded demonstrations so you can have a first-hand look at constellations and planets.

Create a Piece of Clay Art

Hand Star Clay Studio, located on East Saint Mary Boulevard in Lafayette, is a place to visit if you’re feeling artistic. Owned and operated by Adel deValcourt, this clay studio hosts beginners’ classes, workshops, and even studio tours where you can see works of art in the gallery and showroom. Adel also offers date night packages and private lessons for those who want to take their clay building to the next level. After your time at Hand Star, you’ll have a piece you can’t wait to display in your home.

We’re lucky that no matter the outdoor conditions, there is plenty to see and do. Even when the weather is less-than-ideal, enjoy one of these adventures to pass the time and try something new.

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2020 Cadillac Escalade in white parked on a street

5 Luxury Features of the 2020 Cadillac Escalade

The 2020 Cadillac Escalade offers you an unbeatable luxury experience. This iconic full-size SUV features traditional Cadillac designs along with innovative features. You’re sure to love its all-new interior, exterior, performance, and safety features. Get to know five luxury features that make this a truly refined vehicle. 

1. Delightful Interior Features

The 2020 Cadillac Escalade was made for the comfort of all passengers. It can accommodate up to eight people, giving everyone ample space to enjoy the ride. Each detail of the interior features incredible craftsmanship and quality materials. The standard model includes premium leather seating surfaces on the first two rows. The driver and front passenger can enjoy heated and cool seats that can adapt to your preferences. The Bose Centerpoint surround sound 16-speaker audio system also makes for a state-of-the-art listening experience inside the cabin.

2. Eye-Catching Exterior

The exterior of the 2020 Cadillac Escalade is sure to turn heads with its elegant yet modern design. The full LED tail lamps feature the light blade design that’s unique to the Cadillac brand. Along with its stunning design, the exterior also includes some impressive features. The hands-free liftgate opens with a swift kicking gesture under the bumper, perfect for when your hands are full. It also has an invisible rear windshield wiper, helping you see better while maintaining the integrity of its design. Power assist steps are also available to make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle in style.

3. Next-Level Performance

The 2020 Cadillac Escalade offers a comfortable ride and impressive handling. The 10-speed automatic transmission makes for smooth acceleration and exceptional power in each gear. It’s also stocked with innovative engine technologies to ensure you’re riding as efficiently as possible. The Magnetic Ride Control system reads the road up to 1,000 times per second and automatically optimizes the suspension to driving conditions. It also has stability control, ensuring that your vehicle stays on the road.

4. Enhanced Safety Assistance

Enhanced safety features make the 2020 Cadillac Escalade one of the safer vehicles on the road. The surround vision feature gives you a bird’s eye view of your vehicle, making parking a breeze. It also has a safety alert seat, sending you vibrations when it detects objects in your driving path. The 2020 Cadillac Escalade also includes automatic emergency braking, helping you avoid more collisions. Lane changing in this SUV is also enhanced with its lane change and side blind zone alert, helping you avoid collisions with vehicles next to you. 

5. Unique Trim Levels

The 2020 Cadillac Escalade comes in four different trim levels: Standard, Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Platinum. Although the Standard model is a truly luxurious SUV, you can continue to upgrade the Escalade for even more impressive features. When you choose the Platinum model, you get 18-way adjustable seats with massage settings, a leather-wrapped instrument panel, a console cooler, and other additional luxury features. 

The 2020 Cadillac Escalade is truly a high-end vehicle that allows for maximum comfort. With this ride, you’ll be finding any excuse to take it for a spin. If you’re looking for a spacious SUV stocked full of luxury features, then this is the vehicle you need. 

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a pile of Cajun crayfish

5 Authentic Cajun and Creole Restaurants in Lafayette, LA

Living in Louisiana, we know good Cajun and Creole food the moment it settles on our tongue. Around here, our palates are made for this food. Even though there are plenty of options to choose from, here are our picks for authentic Cajun and Creole restaurants around Lafayette.

Bon Temps Grill

Bon Temps Grill, located on Verot School Road, is an award-winning Lafayette restaurant known for its Cajun and Creole cuisine. The menu at Bon Temps is largely focused on seafood and steak, like their Alligator Bang Bang Po-Boy and deep-fried meat pies. Try their Hamburger Steak, a half-pound of ground beef that’s smothered in brown gravy and cheddar cheese, or order the 12-ounce ribeye, 6-ounce filet, or 8-ounce sirloin to experience their grilled-to-perfection cuts.

Prejean’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true Cajun restaurant, look no further than Prejean’s Restaurant. Around for more than 40 years, this Lafayette staple is focused on two things: providing authentic food and creating an environment where guests feel welcomed like family. Prejean’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so stop by almost any time of day to enjoy your Cajun favorites with a twist. 

If you want the best start to your day, order the Prejean’s Napoleon, a poached egg dish with a potato cake and crab cake that’s topped with a hollandaise sauce, fresh shrimp, and tasso. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, the French toast-esque Pain Perdue should do the trick. For lunch or dinner, make sure to order the Chicken & Sausage Gumbo — it’s a three-time world champion dish for a reason.

Don’s Seafood Cajun Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Don’s Seafood Cajun Restaurant & Oyster Bar has been around since 1934, and some locals would consider it a tradition to enjoy one of their fantastic dishes. With every bite of any dish, you can taste the difference in their commitment to quality food and an exceptional cooking process. You won’t be disappointed in their charbroiled oysters made with garlic butter and Romano cheese. You also can’t go wrong ordering the fried or grilled catfish.

Blue Dog Cafe

The Blue Dog Cafe is easily recognized by its signage — a blue dog with wide yellow eyes. Artist George Rodrigue created the painting and sculpture of the dog, along with other notable works that capture the history of the region, and his sons now own Blue Dog Cafe. Any dish at Blue Dog Cafe is sure to be a great one, but we recommend the Corn and Crab Bisque and the Crawfish Enchilada for the true taste of Creole.


Dwight’s, serving Lafayette residents and visitors from their Johnston Street location for decades, specializes in crawfish, along with other classic Cajun and Creole dishes. Dwight’s crawfish is so fresh that they only serve them five months of the year when they are available at their peak. For something a little different, try their BBQ lunch on Sundays.

In Lafayette, you’re surrounded by award-winning and mom-and-pop restaurants that have been part of the community for years. To enjoy a meal at any of these locations is to know and love the city’s culture and history.

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