5 Great Spots for Delivery and Takeout in Lafayette, LA

Located in the heart of Cajun country, Lafayette, Louisiana is the place to go for authentic Cajun and Creole food. However, there are other types of delicious food available for takeout and delivery in this city as well. Give these five great spots for delivery and takeout in Lafayette, LA a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Magic Wok

Chinese food is a traditional takeout and delivery staple, but when you order from Magic Wok, your food will be truly magical. A mom and pop restaurant, your food will be fresh and hot, and the service will be stellar. There are no bad dishes on the menu, but if you want to order a local favorite, try the lemon chicken, kung pao cabbage, spicy dumpling soup, or the wonton soup. The portions are huge, and the prices are low, which is one of the best combinations you can find.

Zorbas Gyros Burgers and More

You won’t find any better Greek food in Lafayette, and possibly in all of Louisiana than what you’ll get at Zorbas Gyros Burgers and More. Authentic Greek gyros and hummus are the stars of the menu, but you will be pleased with any of the dishes you try. The grape leaves are tasty, and the tzatziki sauce is probably the best you’ll ever have. If you’re not very hungry, consider sharing an entree with a friend. Otherwise, you’ll definitely have some leftovers for the next meal.

The Salad Station

The name of this restaurant pretty much says it all, as salads dominate the menu at The Salad Station. However, you can get other food as well such as baked chicken, baked potatoes, and soup, but the salads are what locals enjoy the most. You build your own salad, choosing from a wide variety of greens, vegetables, toppings, fruits, and meats. Then, you pay for your salad based on its weight. The prices are reasonable, especially considering how fresh the ingredients are and how much you can pile in your takeout box.

Roly Poly

Sandwiches are the name of the game at Roly Poly. There are many different types of sandwiches and wraps available for takeout and delivery, but some of the favorites are the Texas Tuna, the Thai Tuna, the Turkey Applejack, the Cape Codder, and the Hot Cuban. Vegan options are also on the menu, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a free fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie if you tell the owner it’s your first time visiting!

Antoni’s Italian Cafe

Authentic Italian dishes are served up at Antoni’s Italian Cafe on Coolidge Boulevard. Traditional favorites like lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, calzoni, spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, pizza, and more all offer diners a comforting meal at a great price. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re getting a fine dining experience on a budget, even for takeout or delivery.

Lafayette is home to awesome Cajun food, but sometimes, you might get a craving for other types of food. That’s where this list comes in handy. If you’re looking for another kind of food not on the list, drop by Service Cadillac and a Lafayette local will give you even more scrumptious recommendations.

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