5 Fantastic Parks and Trails in and Around Lafayette, LA

The hiking is a gratifying experience. Taking a leisure walk in nature is calming and conveys benefits that exceed what you acquire from everyday exercises. This workout helps to sharpen your mind, improve your creativity, and make for happier relationships. Whether you cherish taking a leisure stroll or are up for a more challenging hike, Louisiana got you covered. Below are some of the most popular parks and trails in and around Lafayette.

1. Acadiana Park Nature Station

If you reside in this southern Louisiana city, you are only a few minutes away from Acadiana Park Nature Station. This 2.9 kilometers lightly trafficked trail is a fantastic place to take a peaceful walk as you relish the wildlife. For the novice hiker, you can stick to the boardwalks that take you through the hardwood forest. There are guided tours with passionate naturalists who will explain the various animals and exotic plants along the way.

2. Palmetto Island State Park

Palmetto Island State Park is full of Palmettos, which are short, palm trees found all over the swamp. These trees give the park an authentic feel. Inside Palmetto park is the Vermilion River, accessible through a kayak launch near the park’s center. You can go kayaking and canoeing through the channels and lagoons. The park has a 7-mile-long cypress trail, which offers a close view of the park’s jungle-like ecology.

3. Cypress Island Preserve

Located less than a 30-minute drive from Louisiana city, this is a nature lover’s paradise. Cypress Island preserve homes Lake Martin, the nesting ground for many wetlands birds. The preserve is perfect for activities such as hiking and paddling. Along the lake is a 4-kilometer long trail. The trail can easily be accessed by hikers and provides an extraordinary standpoint from which to spot the many exotic birds.

4. Bayou Vermilion Nature Trail

Bayou Vermilion Nature trail features a river frequented by paddlers. The boat ride will treat you to a nice, quiet, and peaceful path lined with trees. For the Kayakers, the kayak launching sites at both ends that make it easy for them to get out of the boats. There are intersections along this route that kayakers can use to access Lake Martin or Lake Charlo.

5. Chicot State Park

For adventure lovers looking for an extended hiking trip, head on over to Chicot State Park. In the heart of the park is Lake Chicot. A hiking trail that is popular with Mountain bike riders encircles the beautiful lake. In close proximity to the hiking path are primitive campsites that can be utilized by backpackers. Chicot Park has many wild animals and birds, so take your binoculars with you when you visit this unique park.

Head on over to one of these phenomenal parks and nature trails and enjoy the beautiful scenery they have to offer. If you need help getting there, contact Service Cadillac to book a test drive in a vehicle of your choice.

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